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Lancing Alternate Test Sites

Important: The lancing device is intended for use by a single person. It must not be used on more than one person due to the risk of spreading infection.

Alternate test sites include the upper arm and palm.

If you are testing for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), or if you suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness, we recommend that you test on your fingers.

Physiologic differences in the circulation between the finger and alternate test sites, may result in differences in blood glucose measurements from these test sites and your finger. Differences in blood glucose measurement between the other test sites and your finger may be observed after eating, insulin medication, or exercise.

Refer to your meter Owner's Booklet for approved alternate test sites. To bring fresh blood to the surface of the test site, rub the test site vigorously for a few seconds until you feel it getting warm. Lance the test site with the lancing device:

a. Hold the clear cap down against the top of your test site. Press the release button. Do not lift up.

b. Continue to hold the lancing device and gradually increase pressure for several seconds.

c. Lift the lancing device straight up; be careful not to smear the blood sample on your test site.

Important: Avoid lancing areas with obvious veins or moles to avoid excess bleeding.

Important: Avoid lancing areas where tendons or bones stick out(for example, hand bones).

Your FreeStyle meter requires 0.3μL blood sample, about the size of a pinhead (example:   •).

See your blood glucose meter Owner's Booklet for a step-by-step guide on how to do the test.

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